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Immersion RC Touch’n’Race Mini-Wand

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R.I.P Dip-Switches and ‘One Button Menus’

Query, and set your FPV Video Transmitter frequency without powering up your quad.

The ImmersionRC Touch’n’Race mini-wand was designed for both the casual racer, and the event organizer, greatly simplifying video transmitter programming in all cases.

For Casual Use

Arrive at the local park, answer the question ‘what channel are you on’ before powering up your quad. Join ongoing races safely and simply.

The TNR wand uses touch-free NFC technology to communicate with ImmersionRC TNR tags, as shipped with the popular 5.8GHz Tramp HV video transmitter.

Query the frequency set a new channel, change the output power level, all without applying power to your quad.

Use the ‘Race Heat’ mode to simplify casual races between friends, automatically allocating race channels to all pilots.

For Race Event Use

Anyone who has been to an FPV race event will understand the challenges surrounding frequency management, and the management of quads which are not currently flying.

Transmitters turned on in the pits area are dangerous, and can cause pilots in the air to be blind, losing control of their craft. Setting frequencies between heats are time-consuming and error-prone.

The Touch’n’Race system avoids all of these problems and greatly simplifies race event management. Control is transferred from every pilot at an event back into the hands of the race director.
Powering up in the pits, with assigned low-power pit frequencies is no longer frowned upon, but encouraged. Debugging of powered-up quads is also possible without disrupting a race.