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Dal Props 5 inch Two Blade V2 Bullnose 5045

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- Inner diameter: (Prop Mount) 5mm

- Usage: 210-285+ Frame

- 5045 V2 Bullnose, Pre-Balanced Props

- 4 Props total (2CW, 2CCW)


V2 5045 Bullnose have a thicker hub connection, which is perfect for racing. V2 also spin at higher RPMs


Perfect for your 210+ sized mini racing drone! V2 5045 Bullnose props will provide smooth flight while providing more than enough power for punch outs.

PC + glass fiber material is made of a high quality, flexible and durable plastic that can easily survive crashes and tree clips.

DAL Props are much stronger than other 4",5",6” Props like Gemfan, HQProps and others